Please follow these steps:

1. Carefully read the products page and the prices page to make sure you understand what you get and what it costs.

2. Upload the mix of your song to Google drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, Soundcloud etc (44,1/48kHz, 16/24/32bit, wav stereo). Place an order via email or Facebook message (contact info). Include a download link to the mix. Please tell us if you prefer a different audio format than wav and if you have specific wishes for the sound (a weblink to a reference song would be helpful).

3. You will receive an order confirmation with information about when you can expect a master from us. This usually takes 1-3 days.

4. When it is ready, we send you a download link to a protected master. Please give feedback on what you think about it and if you want any changes. We will then adjust the master and send you an updated version.

5. If you are happy with the result, we provide you payment information and send you the final unprotected master as soon as the payment is received. If you don't like the master and we are not able to correct it to make it sound in a way you like, you don't have to pay anything. No hard feelings, unhappy customers is out of question!