What we need
We need a final mix of the song. The format should be a stereo wav-file with sample rate 44,1/48 kHz and bit depht 16/24/32. There should be no limiter inserted on the master track during rendering and the peak level must not exceed 0dB to avoid clipping.

Tips for mixing:
The sound quality of the master heavily depends on the sound quality of the mix. The most basic, important and difficult part of mixing is to set the correct levels for each track. The most common mistakes are too loud kick and hihats and vocals/leads that don't blend well into the mix. We advice you to listen carefully to the mix played on loudspeakers at VERY low volume. Do all instruments blend well together or do some of them stick out of the mix? Even small adjustments can make an important difference. Take your time until the levels feel just right.

What we do
We make the song ready for release! Our goal is to bring the best out of your music. Adjustments will be made on the basis of what we think works best from a musical point of view. Some songs only need a minor polish, other need major corrections. We have both high quality analog gear and software and use what works best for the song. A mastered song should sound balanced, coherent and refined on different sound systems. We also customize the volume and format of the song to suit the most common music platforms/services.

What you get
You will receive two stereo wav-files with sample rate 44,1kHz and bit depht 16 (unless you ask for a different format). Both files are ready for release, but suitable for different platforms. One file is intended for release on Spotify, Tidal, Youtube and other services that use volume normalization. The volume level will be -14dB LUFS integrated and true peak max -1dB LUFS (according to EBU R128). The second file is intended for release on Soundcloud and other services that don't provide volume normalization. The volume will be higher and true peak will be 0dB.

We keep backup of every project for at least one year. This enables us to remaster a song at a reduced price if you make minor changes to the mix or want changes to the sound at a later time.